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Sure you want your kid to be smart, healthy, well-mannered and kind. But let’s not forget how crucial it is that your child also be funny and stylish! First impressions are everything. It’s impossible to determine how smart a kid is from first glance, but you can immediately tell if he is stylish and cool! Admit it, you want people to think your kid is stylish because his cool factor is a direct reflection on you. Isn’t it?

So, here we present before you the 10 of the most funny, baby t-shirts that looks awesome.

1. I Can Kick Your Baby’s ASS

I can kick your baby's ass

2. Are You My Daddy?

Are You My Daddy

3. “F” The Gerber Baby

The Gerber Baby

4. I Hate Bill O’Reilly

I hate Bill O'Reilly

5. All Daddy Wanted

Daddy Boy

6. Mommy’s Babe

My Mommy

7. Bigger Pee-Pee Boy

Bigger Pee

8. Daddy Drinks Because I Cry

Daddy Drinks because i cry

9. They Shake Me!

They Shake Me

10. Playground Pimp

Playground Pimp


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In basic English usage, a baby is defined as a human child at the youngest stage of life, specifically before they can walk and generally before the age of one. Who doesn’t love a baby?

We’ve collected a list of 10 amazingly funny baby pictures, which you certainly would not want to miss. Without any further ado..here we go,

1. Angry Baby

Angry Baby

2. Taste of Muffin’s Paw

Muffin's Paw

3. Embarrassed Baby

Enbarassed Baby

4. Sleeping On The Flush Toilet

Flush Toilet

5. Baby Takes A Bath

Bathing Baby

6. Cloned Baby

Cloned Baby

7. Drunk Babies

Drunk Babies

8. Sad Baby

Sad Baby

9. Naughty Baby

Naughty Baby

10. Baby Biting A Dog

Baby Biting A Dog

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